Ronda Rousey

Looks like Ronda Rousey is looking for love! Guess when you’re the number 1 woman fighter in the world, who’s undefeated and the bantam weight champion, people may find you a little intimidating. Apparently she’s become so desperate in finding a man that she’s actually tried using Tinder – using her alter ego !


John Wertheim of sports illustrated reports:

“Her fame is such that she can’t go on Tinder. She tried an alter ego — Brynn Campbell — but that didn’t work. Her friends, male and female, have only to download the dating (app), swipe a few times and … action, or at least the potential for it. Rousey is left on the sideline at home with [her dog] Mochi. “S—,” she says, “the only person I’m making out with is my dog.”

I Guess ending your matches with an arm bar in the first round a majority of times scares people off a bit.