Looks like subway does not tolerate violence or racism from anyone!

Sierra McCurdy, Mississippi resident and ex-subway worker was fired from her job after celebrating death of two police officers in Hattiesburg MS. The young woman posted on her Facebook:

“2 police officers was shot in hattiesbug tonight! – GOT EM’”

Along with a picture of her self smiling in her subway uniform. Public viewers of the post made by McCurdy immediately tagged,screenshot, and posted to Subway’s twitter’s account. Trying to get executives attention. Which worked and in returned terminated McCurdy from her Subway job.

Her post was referencing to the killings of the Hattiesburg officers Liquori Tate 25, and Benjamin Deen who were involved in a fatal shooting late Saturday night during their routine traffic stop. 4 people where involved in the fatal shooting. Marvin Banks 29, he will be charged with two capital murders charges. Joanie Calloway 23 and Curtis Banks 26 (Marvin’s younger brother), both face one count of accessory. The fourth suspect Cornelius Clark 28, have been charged with rendering criminal assistance/hindering prosecution for helping Marvin Banks.

Any life taken was a life worth living, apparently twitter is an outlet to get your point across and address issues to brands and companies. Use it!

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter