The Los Angeles Clippers had everything under control in their series against the Rockets. They had totally dominated two games in a row, and last night were well on their way to blowing out the Rockets and closing the series and moving on to the Western Conference finals. But in typical Clippers fashion, things fell apart and the entire team choked and Houston put on a comeback for the ages to steal the game and likely steal the series.


The Rockets were down by 19 points late in the third quarter and things looked bleak. Then they suddenly felt that they were playing for their lives and the Rockets straight went off! They went on a 49-18 run late in the third and fourth quarters, all with James Harden on the bench watching, to wind up winning 119-107!

There will be a Game 7 in Houston on Sunday where in the history of Game 7s, the home team wins at least 90 percent of the time. “We just have a never-give-up attitude,” Josh Smith said. “All year long we fought through a lot of adversity and it’s just a testament of what we did throughout the season. God has been grateful to this team and we just feel like we’re a blessed unit and we can do something special.”

Kevin McHale elected to keep his star player, James Harden, on the bench not because he was under the weather but because there were others who were playing better. Corey Brewer, Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, Smith and Terry closed the show for the Rockets.

Josh Smith made big play after big play down the stretch, hitting multiple huge three pointers. Dwight Howard exhibited more force late in the game and controlled the paint all while the entire Clippers team, including Chris Paul & Blake Griffin completely choked away the win and likely a chance to win the series in game seven.