Of Course, Yeezus is shocking the masses again with his new venture! Yeezy is transforming “Bound 2” into a Kids book! Cool huh?

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful

The infamous lyrical balled is going to be turned into a graphic children book entitled “Bound2Gether”. Does that sound cool? According to the Fader an art savvy dude by the name of Zak Tebbal will be the mastermind behind the visual. The story line will include a very similar reflection of Yeezy in artistic form. The story even includes Kim K herself.

Well, the adventurous story follows Windy City characters and runs through many illustrations. Through these many illustrations the “missing girl” is being searched for. Zak Tebbal actually included this “Bound 2” transformation process as a part of his end of school theses. Tebbal attends the SVA (School of Visual Arts). The instructions for Tebbal’s senior final was to take an important peice of art and formulate into another entity.

Tebbal took a very high step in trying to broaded Yeezy’s fan multitude. It seamed like Yeezy was not showing no love to toddlers in his creativity. So Tebbal wanted not only teens and adults to get a taste of Yeezus but also the young kings and queens. This decision is quite epic and with Kanye’s many frequent outburst of instruction toddlers will have a lot to learn. What do you guys think of this? Do you think this is a good idea?