Today at around 5am Hip Hop lost one of its rising talents. Today the community of Hip Hop will be mourning the late Coke Boy/Riot Squad member Chinx Drugz.


Coming out of Far Rockaway, Queens Lionel Pickens Aka Chinx Drugz was a member of the “Riot Squad” a long side another great rising hip hop MC Stack Bundles who was shot and killed in his building in Far Rockaway back in 2007. Chinx was incarcerated at the time of Stack Bundles passing but said that during his time spent in prison Stacks was making moves with Max B prior to his death and when Chinx came home from his 5 year sentence Max B reached out to him on behalf of Stack Bundles, then was later introduced to French Montana by Max B which started his affiliation and eventually becoming a member of the Coke Boy regime. His rise to fame came with tons of ambition and hard work. He was motivated to keep what Stack Bundles started alive and created his own lane and he did it well, from the Flight 2011 mixtape to the Coke Boys mixtapes and his own Cocaine Riots 1-5 his hard work showed in every aspect. Sad to see such a hard working artist who was breaking into the mainstream light be taken away so soon. He explains more in the interview below. #RIPChinxDrugz