I think we saw this coming, right? I mean when it comes to SNL nothing is off-limits–not even “America’s QB” Tom Brady. After an entire week of Patriots and Tom Brady news, it was only right that SNL take a couple jabs at them during the season finale. Click more to check out the video!

I’m kind of tired of talking about this entire Tom Brady cheating scandal but SNL did make me laugh with their spoof; so, they get a couple cool points for that. As we all know, the Wells report came about found that Tom Brady more than likely had some knowledge of the deflated footballs in the AFC Championship game and as a result the NFL suspended him for four games next season.

SNL brought out ‘Tom Brady’–Taran Killiam–and they asked him if he knew anything about the deflated footballs, Tom responds with “I can’t speak to that at this time, but I do want what’s best for the team, and America, and you!” LOL! The writers are clearly playing on Tom curving the question he received earlier this week and substituting his “charm” that he is so well known for.

The Clip…

I personally think its great that the league did not really feed into the “good guy” stereotype that is Tom Brady. Not a lot of controversy surrounded Tom in past years other than the controversy surrounding New England and their ‘Spy Gate’ scandal. Not putting any bad vibes out there about Tom but its good to see those responsible are being held accountable for their actions.