IFWT_Spurs Big 3

After a devastating loss to the fallen Los Angeles Clippers, many questions began to rise about the San Antonio Spurs #wolfpack that is Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, and Greg Poppovich. According to a new report, it looks like the squad is going to give it another go next season! Click more to read the full story!

In what was probably the most epic first round series between the Clippers and Spurs, we saw the Texas ballers exit the playoffs at an usually early time. Fresh off a championship season, it was just a hard thing to watch such a dominant team make an early exit. Making matters worse, the aging ballers have been questioned in previous years about the longevity of their careers together and staying in San Antonio.

Tim Duncan, who had the season of a lifetime at 39 years old, was first on the chopping block to question retirement. Being 39 in the NBA, you might as well consider yourself a dinosaur but the champion and mvp remained poised and continued to ball out this past season. What logical reason would he truly have to leave the league? What would he even do after retirement? The same questions go for both Manu and Tony.

Although this band of players has never repeated championships, they are rumored to go ahead and give another go. In coach Pop’s final interview during the playoffs, he was asked whether or not he thought the team would be back next season and he laughed and said most likely and that he can’t see the guys taking the real exit from the game just yet.


Source: Bleacher Report