Kyrie Irving

After the Cavs reacquired LeBron James, it is obvious that the great would be have a huge impact on his teammates and the entire atmosphere in Cleveland but to what extent do the reporters think? Last week, a reporter asked LBJ an awkward question regarding Kyrie–while he was right there–but that doesn’t even take the cake! Click more to view the video!

There is probably one thing on this earth that every man finds extremely disrespectful and that is when someone refers to another man as your daddy. SMH, typing that kind of pissed me off. Anyway, Kyrie was recently seen at a press conference where a reporter quoted someone saying LBJ was a “great father” and that lead her to the question of, “what type of parental role has he played for you and your teammates?” LMAO. How disrespectful is that?

Kyrie was sort of blind-sided by the question and he laughs in the beginning but makes it explicitly clear to the reporter that he has one father by the name of Drederick Irving. Kyrie did comment and say that LeBron has been a great leader; however, he did not know how to accurately answer that question. The questions that the media are asking just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I mean, do any of these people have any respect for Kyrie??

The Press Conference…

Did you peep Kyrie’s initial response to the the statement regarding LeBron being a great father? LOL. That was definitely a sure sign that her question would probably be somewhat out of bounds. Maintaining his composure, Kyrie did let the reporter know that LeBron has been a great influence in understanding how to win on the court and being able to conduct yourself off of the court as well.