IFWT_Kobe Bryant Tom Thibodeau

Last year before Byron Scott was hired, a report was released that Kobe Bryant “will wish for Tom Thibodeau to free himself from Chicago” and become the head coach for the Lakers.  Well Bryant may get his wish.  The Bulls have been eliminated from the NBA playoffs and there’s talk that they will part ways with Thibodeau.

via NBA reporter Jordan Schultz:

Being told that the Lakers will be pursuing Tom Thibodeau. Byron Scott has just the one year left. Lakers would be paying four head coaches.

Byron Scott has publicly criticized his players on numerous occasions, professed his disbelief in analytics and oversaw an exceptionally lousy defense, all while the Lakers had the worst season in franchise history (albeit they had injuries and a terrible roster).

Still Thibodeau would most definitely be an upgrade.

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