Denver Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith is under investigation in Texas over a criminal allegation the local sheriff described Thursday as “sexual in nature.” There are reports the alleged victim is a family member.


TMZ initially reported the investigation Thursday, but there was no mention of the alleged child abuse involving anything sexually related. That changed late last night.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said a complaint was made against Smith in November and it was “sexual in nature.” After its investigation, the sheriff’s office forwarded its findings to the county District Attorney’s Office in February.

The district attorney’s office didn’t return phone calls from The Associated Press on Thursday. When contacted by the Denver Post, District Attorney John Healey declined to discuss the nature of his office’s investigation or confirm its target.

“Last night, we became aware for the first time of an allegation involving Antonio Smith,” the Broncos said in a statement. “We are now in the process of gathering more information.”

TMZ now learned this morning that the alleged victim is related to Smith. According to the source the alleged victim also told investigators about a conversation when Smith told her, “God has a plan,” and “some relationships are meant to go deeper than just blood lines.”

We’re told all the alleged incidents occurred at Smith’s home outside Houston. He played for the Texans from 2009 to 2013.

You can bet for sure the league is paying extremely close attention to this, especially after what happened with Adrian Peterson last year. He was suspended for the season for basically disciplining his own child and there was no sexual related crimes in that case. You can bet if there is any truth to these allegations it is the end of Smith’s career.