A man in Atlanta was arrested after he hopped into another man’s car at a Family Dollar and told him to get out. The car owner, Hashim Fannin, pulled his gun on the man and proceeded to call police for assistance. Click more to check out the video!

Imagine a typical day and you’re going to the store to pick up a few things and someone hops in your car and tries to rob you for it. Well, that is exactly what happened to Hashim Fannin of Atlanta. Fannin says he pulled his gun on the man and told him to get out of his car and at this point, the man asked if he could leave. FAnnin then told the man that he would have to wait for police to arrive on the scene and that it was too late to get away.

Both Fannin and the suspect waited for police to arrive and once they did, the police officers shook Fannin’s hand and proceeded to arrest the suspect. That in itself surprised me. Fannin was holding a gun and put it on the ground once police arrived; and although Fannin was the victim in this matter, that is just something you usually don’t see from law enforcement. Its great to see that officers did not target everyone involved in this matter becasue lets face it, that is usually what happens.

Fannin And The Suspect…

Fannin commented that he was happy the suspect was off the streets because that is just one less person that he has to worry about trying to take advantage of someone in his family. The suspect was taken into custody but their have been no details on the charges, if any, that the man faces.


Source: CNN