Whenever the champ is in front of a camera and isn’t boxing, you can count on him being a comedian! Tyson recently gave an update about Flavor Flav from a show he was guest starring in and he tests his skills in news reporting! Click more to check out the video!

Without even trying, Mike Tyson is probably one of the funniest athletes and he is only being himself. Whether it was Tyson being a presenter at an award show and butchering the script or seeing him in the movie ‘The Hangover,’ Tyson definitely has a niche for being in front of the camera.

Mike was guest starring on a new show that will premiere on the CW called ‘The Damian Elliot Show’ and he was supposed to be featured that night with Flavor Flav. Unfortunately, Flav was arrested for various things–as you can hear Mike mention–and he was not able to make it. Tyson decides to give the world an update on the situation in his own words.

Mike Tyson Reporting Live…

“The causes were driving under the influence of something, driving impaired, and the cops found some other sh*t in there too,” Mike says in his news segment of The Damon Elliot Show. LMAO! I probably watched this clip about 20 times because Mike had me shedding tears with his report. I definitely would not mind watching another Mike Tyson stand up comedy. This guy is pretty good!