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Things just keep getting worse for the Eastern Conference’s best regular season team, The Atlanta Hawks. They have lost two games in a row on their home floor and are now heading to Cleveland without a key shooter in Kyle Korver. Click more to check out the video!

Like the old saying goes, the regular season means absolutely nothing when the playoffs come around. That saying could not be more true when talking about the Atlanta Hawks. Coming off a 60 wins during the regular season, the Atlanta Hawks have found themselves down two games in the Eastern Conference finals. I mean, its just their luck that they would have to face LeBron in the ECF for the big dance, the NBA finals.

Honestly, it is not looking good for them either. At this point, the Hawks will have to win three games in Cleveland and one more at home. Perhaps that was doable–not likely–with a full supporting cast, but they have just lost key piece in Kyle Korver who was injured in game 2. ESPN reported that Korver suffered a season ending ankle injury and may need surgery to repair it.

Kyle Korver…

This chess game is working out just fine for LeBron. He sat out one game leading up to the playoffs in which the Celtics were able to beat the Cavs ro secure the seventh place seed. LeBron and the Cavs then faced that same Celtic squad in the playoffs and swept them. The next opponent, Chicago, went down in 6 games after LeBron saved the series in game 5 with the buzzer beater. Now they are on the road to sweep the Hawks as well. Well played LeBron, well played.

In what seems like a sure ride to the NBA Finals, I bet LeBron–with no malice intended–is excited about the Hawks losing such a necessary piece like Korver. I’m predicting that JR Smith will have another lights out game in the coming game 3.


Source: SportsCenter