The great and talented B.B King passed on to the other side a couple of days ago. It’s upsetting to find out that his daughters believe he was poisoned!

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OMG, B.B King was a legend and contributed a lot to music culture besides music. His daughters,Karen Williams and Patty King believe he was poisoned by his business manager. Can you believe it? B.B King’s business manager is named LaVerne Tony. That’s who ya’ll got to look at side ways from now on.

Even B.B Kings assistant, Myron Johnson, is wanted in the action. Also,his daughters accused the duo of preventing them from seeing B.B King on his final days. That’s crazy.Patty King has also accused Tony of abusing B.B King. That is serious. Police are making no comments currently about this situation. Expect an autopsy report in a couple of weeks.

If B.B King was poisoned it should not surprise you. Understand that we live in a world in which people kill for no reason. Just hope that there is a little hope left in humanity for B.B King to die of natural causes. Let’s wish the best for B.B King’s family. The legend will always be alive through his music and contributions.