Taco Bell Leaks Gay Ad?

You ever just crave to go to taco bell but you don’t feel like driving anywhere? Or feel like walking a couple blocks. Well you might just be in luck.


I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate our favorite fast food places to have a delivery option it would be convenient for those who just got in from a hard days work and skipped lunch because we had tons to do or maybe someone who just does not feel like cooking for the night. Well if you’re a fan of Taco Bell and KFC you could be in some luck because they are discussing a delivery option that might be tested out some time in the future according to Fortune.

It’s said to come straight from the top. Chief Exec Greg Creed of Yum Brands (Which is the company Taco Bell is under along with KFC and Pizza Hut) has said that there is quite the potential for there to be a delivery option for all three of these fast food chains. Also that Taco Bell is special because it could be a huge sales rise for the brand. Creed had also stated that what they have in mind is to begin testing around college campuses and that colleges could be getting the test sooner then others. He noted that delivers would most likely occur on days like Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights rather then mid-afternoons on the other days, and we all know what goes on when you’re attending college if you’re not in the classroom well then you’re probably under the influence or intoxicated and they are ready to capitalize on that.