All it takes is one wrong move, and your career could be as good as done. No one probably knows this better than Lil Mama. No need to dive into her past because we all know what happened, but she has since made efforts to leave the past where it is and make up for lost time but it doesn’t seem like the masses want that. However, Lil Mama recently dropped a new video promoting safe sex and the response on social media is somewhat surprising. Click more to check out the video and social media responses!

From appearing on BET’s the Cypher at the most recent Hip Hop awards to playing the late Lisa Left-Eye Lopes in the TLC Biopic, Lil Mama has definitely made some effort to gain a spot on the stage that she once had before that VMA night; but many people just can’t let that night go. A damaged career to say the least, but maybe that has changed with the release of her new song and video titled ‘Sausage?’

You may have seen some young kids on Instagram making these (pause) ‘Sausage’ videos but Lil Mama took the theme of the song and put her own spin on it to promote safe sex. Not as much of a surprise, but many people on social media don’t feel the song and you know things go on the blogs a lot of times–monkey see, monkey do. However, the video is also getting a lot of positive feedback as well!

The Video…

We have to face it man, Lil Mama can rap and I thought the video was cool as well. It is definitely ok to give respect when it is due and I think she did a good job with the song. Taking something that was definitely a pause from these younger kids and putting a positive spin on it. Also, the sample used in the song were pretty dope as well.

It is unfortunate that her career has been buried ever since that night but perhaps this will give her a spark to jumpstart it again?