Phil Jackson is looking to overturn the Knicks roster and create a new culture of ball-movement and hustle on the team. What better way then to sign two players from the team that gritted their way to the Eastern Conference championship and the #1 seed in the east by doing just that, the Atlanta Hawks.


After Phil Jackson decided to blow up the roster when he finally came to the realization that the 2015 season was down the drain, he spoke of a culture change and finding players that can play a New York style of basketball.

The Triangle offense relies on ball movement and unselfishness; qualities displayed by the surprising Atlanta Hawks, who willed themselves to the best record in the eastern conference.

Paul Millsap and Demarre Carroll, two key free agents on the Hawks, were cognate parts of their team with their constant hustle, unselfishness, and three point shooting while providing the ability to defend multiple positions on the court.

Jackson is said to be courting both players to help insert some energy to a Knicks lineup that lacks hustle and grit on both ends of the floor. Along with the 4th pick in the draft, The Knicks will be sporting a much different lineup next year.

Carrol and Millsap a surely will be getting paid next season considering the great year they both had and with the salary cap rising in 2016, so next the Knicks will be facing stiff competition to sign the pair. Also, considering the fact that the Knicks have roughly 25 million in cap space to sign free-agents it remains to see just how possible it is for the Knicks to sign the pair.

One thing is for sure: this offseason is going to be full of drama and knowing the Knicks, you never know whats going to happen.