Buffalo Bills Introduce Rex Ryan

Talk about riding hard for your team. Rex Ryan recently took over as the Buffalo Bills’ head coach and it seems that he is completely dismissing his time with the Jets from his memory. Ryan was recently quoted saying that the Bills are the only football team in New York. LOL! Click more to read the full story!

What are sports without a little trash talk, right? It is no secret that the relationship between Rex Ryan and the Jets front office was a little strained toward the end of his tenure there; so, I guess it was only right for him to take a few shots at the organization. It is safe to say that when the Bills make that trip from Upstate New York to the city, his old supporters are probably not going to hold him down.

Ryan was recently heard in an interview where he talked about a trip back to his old stomping grounds, “Yeah, I doubt they’ll still give me [a standing ovation] there. But it’ll be good. You know, hey we’re the only team in New York anyway. So I thought I’d help out that other city down there.” I mean technically, he is right. Both the Giants and The Jets do not play in New York and I cannot recall when they did. They share MetLife Stadium which is in East Rutherford, New Jersey–just a couple minutes outside of NYC.

Ryan has to at least show some respect though, seeing that his NY Jets team was a little less than amazing and the Giants have won recent Superbowls in 2007 and 2012.


Source: CBS Sports