It is understandable to want to get your team to the next level in the NBA playoffs. It is even understandable that a key player would not want to leave his team when the game mattered most. But how could team doctors even allow Klay Thompson to return to the floor after the injury he suffered in the final game against the Houston Rockets? Click more to check out the video!

An irresponsible call to say the least on the part of Golden State’s team doctors. During the final minutes of the fourth quarter of game 5, Klay Thompson faked a shot in which Houston’s Trevor Ariza took the bait and went up to block it. Thompson took a knee to the temple and was down on the floor. It was clear from the moment of impact that Thompson may have been seriously injured.

As protocol with any type of head injury in the NBA, the player is taken to the locker and assessed by team doctors and a decision is made on whether or not the player should return. Doctors decided to let Thompson return but he was on the floor for no longer than 5 minutes when blood could be seen dripping from his ears. BLEEDING EARS, SMH! Typically, the body’s defense against concussions is to release blood from the head and clearly that is what was happening.

Klay’s Concussion…

After the blood was seen dripping from his ears, Thompson returned to the back to get stitches for what doctors called a “laceration.” LOL! How do you get a cut from taking a knee to the temple? Officially, the league diagnosed Thompson with a concussion following the game and he has been announced as questionable for game 1 and more importantly the entire series. There currently is no timeframe for when Thompson is set to return to play and that could be a huge hit for the Warriors.


Source: SB Nation