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While the internet has been making jokes about JR Smith and Iman Shumpert making the playoffs while Carmelo Anthony sits at home, Anthony has actually been keeping in contact with his old teammates and is very excited for them.

“I heard from him, he’s excited for us,’’ Smith said after Cavaliers practice Sunday in advance of Thursday’s Game 1 of The Finals in Oakland, Calif. “He’s excited for us. I talked to him for a while. I can’t say everything he said, I’d probably get fined. It was a great conversation.’’

Was Anthony lamenting the notion Smith and Shumpert are no longer in New York?

“Nah, he was happy,” Smith said. “He wanted me to go out and have fun. It’s a stage I’ve been waiting for. He told me to go out there and thrive on it. He’s happy for me.’’

Shumpert, however, admitted Anthony probably has mixed emotions he’s no longer teammates with the two shooting-guard snipers who helped turn around the Cavaliers’ season when they arrived Jan. 5 following the Phil Jackson fire sale.

“Melo’s texted us throughout the playoffs,’’ Shumpert said. “He’s always a supporter. I can always lean on him if I have any questions about the game. He’s a huge basketball guy, always watching, always trying to learn from us, and we’re always going to take advice from him.’’

Asked if Anthony is torn because they are no longer Knicks, Shumpert said: “I think so, naturally. But he’s a huge basketball fan, always going to be cheering for our success unless he has to play against us. We definitely have a great friendship.’’

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Source: NY Post