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Draya recently ended her relationship with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick and apparently doesn’t want to be linked to any other NFL players including Tampa Bay’s new rookie quarterback Jameis Winston.

Jameis Winston and Draya Michele were at the same club over the weekend and were seen leaving at the same time.  One of the paparazzi told Draya they heard she was getting close with Jameis to which she disgustingly replied “no I’m not”.

Jameis urged them to leave Draya alone and then tried to open her car door for her to which she asked him not to, seemingly trying to keep as much distance between them as possible.  Draya knows how rumors can go and apparently she was trying to make it clear that there’s nothing between them.

As for Jameis, I would advise him to stay clear even if he was just being friendly.  The last thing he needs is any more bad publicity.  The recent stories about him studying his playbook hard and being a great teammate is exactly what he needs to keep doing.  Stay clear of IG and reality show hunnies.

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Source: The Big Lead