Nas’s Daughter Destiny Jones Celebrates Her 21st Birthday In London! Hop into the post to check out the video of the Hip Hop Legend and his young entrepreneur/actress daughter get lit for her 21st! #IFWT!

Well first of all, Ms. Destiny Jones birthday is not for another 8 days, but it appears that her and Nas wanted to turn up while they were in London. Nas posted a video of a cake being brought over to Destiny Jones in what looks like a London night club with 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” bumping in the background and everyone singing the young entrepreneur a happy birthday song.

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For those of you that don’t know, Destiny Jones is the founder of a Lip gloss line called ‘Lipmatic’ that has been doing very for it’s first year. The title is in honor of her fathers legendary Hip Hop album ‘Illmatic’ of course which released back in 1994 and is still selling more then your favorite rappers Mixtape 20 years later. Looks like she learned the business model from her pops.

Check out the video below and we have some pictures of the two in the gallery! #IFWT

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