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The Hawks are nearing a sale and it follows that the Danny Ferry situation is likely nearly a resolution.  Ferry actually did a great job putting a good team together but the controversy following him is just too much for the future owner to bear.

As Chris Vivlamore reported late Thursday, the sale of the Hawks (and Philips Arena operating rights) to Tony Ressler and partners is scheduled to be completed on June 24, the day before the NBA draft. In situations like this, new ownership generally would rather not have to deal with answering questions at the introductory news conference about sticky situations like Ferry’s status.

There has been a belief within the Hawks’ organization for several months that the team’s general manager is not going to be brought back. The thinking is that coach Mike Budenholzer (expected to get a new contract with a raise and more autonomy) and assistant general manager Wes Wilcox likely will be at the top of the basketball operations department, at least for the next year.

At this point, there are three scenarios for Ferry, but only two plausible ones:

• Ferry resigns: This is the favorite. It could happen any day. The Hawks likely would agree to pay off the balance of Ferry’s contract and it would allow him to make an exit statement along the lines of, “I’m proud of the work I did here but I feel it’s the best for all parties to move on.”

• Ferry is fired: It doesn’t serve anybody to have this thing end ugly, least of all Ferry, who wants to get another job (and will). But he has been resistant to leaving, loves living in Atlanta and it may come to this.

• Ferry is kept: Think “PowerBall” odds.

Source: AJC

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