If you live Hip-Hop and have your coins in order you just might be able to be the proud new owner of the Notorious B.I.G’s signed Bad Boy Contract. The site Paddle8, who is known for auctioning off rare documents and music collectibles will be offering up what could be called one of the most important pieces of paper in the history of hip-hop and it doesn’t stop there. Hit the jump for more.

The nine page document not only includes Biggie and Diddy’s signatures and the details of the late rapper’s contract but also Big’s termination agreement with Uptown Records. The agreement was drawn up and signed just a few months before the release of the Ready To Die Album. The documents also state in detail just how much he paid for the maters to his first singles “Party And Bullshit” and “Flip Dat Shit.” They also give a glimpse into just how much Puff’s salary was at the time and just how much Davis’ label would contribute to Bad Boy.

This is an opportunity to own a crucial piece of Hip-Hop history, not to mention bragging rights. These documents almost serve as a timeline to Biggie’s rise to fame before he was taken from us too soon. This is the first time that an authentic ‘Wallace’ signature has been offered to the public. Paddle8 expects the documents to sell between $5,000-$7,000. Click the gallery to see the documents.

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