A video was recently released that shows the Santa Ana Police Department raiding Sky High Holistic Dispensary. During the raid, the police could be seen destroying property and ingesting WEED!! If that isn’t a$! backwards, then I don’t know what is.

More and more dirt continues to come out about various police departments around the country and this one is just as shocking as the killings of unarmed citizens. In the midst of their raid, police were seen destroying store cameras and hard drives before they continued on with the remaining steps in their raid.

Why would they need to destroy video evidence? Probably because they were in the store doing the very thing they were attempting to shut the dispensary down for. Unbelievably, several officers were seen enjoying edible weed treats–ON THE JOB! LOL! Crazy, I know !

In the beginning of the video, you can see officers escorting a disabled amputee woman out of the dispensary and then seconds later, one female officer says she was going to “kick her in f***ing nub.” SHEESH. It seemed like they were taking inventory of items that were in the store and then in middle of that, they could be seen playing darts.

The Video…

The officers involved are reportedly under investigation and that is according to the police chief, Chris Revere, of Santa Ana. At this point, the job of a police officer definitely has a stigma and negative connotation to it. Seems like we should be policing ourselves based on the corruption that continues to be exposed.

I’m interested to see what happens in this case and what action, if any, is taken against them.


Source: LA TIMES