Looks like Kim K is not making any adjustments to her wardrobe for her pregnancy with Baby number 2. Kim was relentlessly taunted by the media while she was pregnant with her daughter North West but she doesn’t seem to care. Mrs. Kardashian-West recently did a little shopping in Beverley Hills and was caught by the photogs in a tight dress and heels sporting her growing belly.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star revealed on May 31 epsiode of the reality show that she and husband Kanye West are expecting their second child.

Pregnancy does not come easy to Kim like it does for her older sister Kourtney who seems to be knocked up every time we turn around. Kardashian-West reported that she had help of in vitro ferilization to conceive after months of trying. She also had to have surgeries to repair her uterus. According to a source close to the reality star “The inner lining had been so damaged that she was told conceiving on her own wasn’t possible.”

This pregnancy will probably result in another high-risk delivery, however Kim and Kanye are excited for their second child and thier daughter getting a younger sibling. Kim said, “I’m so grateful to even be pregnant when we didn’t think it would ever happen for us,” she added. “It is so worth it!” Kanye also told Hot97’s Ebro and Nesaa that he ‘gotta focus on the kids.’

There have been rumors circulating that Baby number two is a boy but Kim shut down those rumors on her Twitter account. She posted “We have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet!” she added,“Nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!”

Kim and Kanye’s bundle of joy is due in December. Check the gallery for photos of Kim’s growing belly in a tight dress.

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