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Paul Walker’s estate is filing a lawsuit alleging that his friend stole Walker’s sports cars less than 24 hours after his death. Read more on the story below!

Paul Walker’s estate has taken legal action against a former friend of his. His estate is accusing him of stealing many of his expensive sports cars. The lawsuit was filed in L.A. Superior Court, and alleges that Richard Taylor illegally removed the vehicles from storage facilities less than 24 hours after Walker’s death. Walker and his friend Roger Rodas, died in a car crash in Nov. 2013.

The lawsuit accuses Taylor, who helped Walker in caring for the cars, of refusing turn over the missing cars “in order to extort money or other concessions.” Lawyers for the Walker family stated, “(Taylor) has intentionally and fraudulently concealed the existence and location of such vehicles from Plaintiff in order to wrongfully convert such vehicles for his own benefit.” It is alleged that Taylor sent people to remove the cars from Walker’s warehouse in Valencia right after he found out about his death. At the time of his death, Walker was a licensed car dealer and had a collection of at least 31 automobiles. The estate is seeking the return of – or monetary damages for – at least seven vehicles from Taylor which include three 1995 BMW M3s, one 2008 BMW M3, one 2006 Crown Victoria, one 2004 GMC Truck, and one 2011 Porsche GTSR3. The suit claims that Taylor has already sold many of Walker’s prized cars. Taylor is also being accused of withholding the certificates of ownership for another 13 vehicles.

The lawsuit is also seeking unspecified punitive damages from Taylor and his unidentified accomplices. Paul Walker’s estate previously sued the estate of Rodas as well, who co-owned the Always Evolving exotic car shop with Walker, to retrieve other disputed cars. Walker told AskMen.com in 2012, “For me, cars are a hobby that’s turned into a real business…It’ll always be a big part of who I am, that’s for sure.”

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