Melo continues to make some interesting moves off of the basketball court. #IFWT reported that Melo was interested in purchasing a Puerto Rican Soccer team and he eventually did; and now, he is partnering with Nickelodeon in a Ninja Turtles venture.

I am definitely confident in Melo’s new business venture. He recently made a purchase to become owner of the Puerto Rican Soccer team, the Puerto Rico Islanders and we all know how lucrative soccer can be. He’s now moving on to another venture in the Ninja Turtles.

By partnering with Nickelodeon, he is sure to rake in some big bucks off of that relationship alone; but, adding the already popular Ninja Turtles in the mix? I see you Melo! His exact role will be creative director for Turtles by Melo and he will be in control of publishing, furniture, video games, and life style products. Seems like a lot of responsibility for a man that already has his hands full.

Although Melo opted to stay with the losing New York Knicks, that could have been one of the smartest moves he has made business wise. Capitalizing on the dollars that the Knicks offered him and then getting the market of NYC behind him just solidifies that he truly does have a great mind for business. Who care about rings, right? LOL!

This venture with Turtles by Melo is set to take off in Spring 2016 and it will launch right before the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2! Talk about setting someone up for success.