MJ, the #goat! He recently sat in an interview in Paris and he was asked about his various responsibilities at this stage in his career. At one point, the interviewer asks MJ if he still gets on the court with his players but he says he tries to stay away; however, his follow up was pretty funny!

When you’re the greatest player to ever step on a basketball court, it will be pretty hard to say that anyone will be able to beat you! Honestly, its MJ we’re talking about and you have to give him the benefit of the doubt even being over 50 years old.

MJ sat down in an interview he was asked about whether or not he still tries to show these young players a thing or two. MJ says he used to be more involved on the court with his players in North Carolina but he has since gotten older and decided to take a step back. He did admit, though, that he is pretty sure he would drop buckets on the younger players in a one-on-one situation but he prefers not because he doesn’t want to hurt anyones pride! LOL!

The Interview…

L'interview de Michael Jordan par L'Equipe by BasketInfos

MJ still talks with the confidence that he had when he was on the court and I would not be surprised if he can really back up his words. Lance V.S MJ? Ha, I think I would actually pay to see that.