Lil Wayne definitely has something big in the works and it involves none other than Jay-Z.

Tat Wza

Our friend Karen Civil has clarified exactly what Weezy Meant but ‘signing a deal with his idol…Jay Z’, apparently it’s NOT a record deal, but referring to his Tidal Deal. It feels like Wayne might have left it generic like that to shake the pot up between him and Cash Money, what do you think?? See Karen’s confirmation below!!

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Saturday night Lil Wayne performed at KMEL Summer Jam. After his set he announced that he just signed a deal with his “idol” Jay-Z. While it is not clear what exactly that deal was, Jay-z was interested in signing Wayne to Roc Nation a while back and judging from Wayne’s label drama that would be a good move.

It is also a possibility that the announcement can have something to do with Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming service. Maybe Wayne is planning on release music exclusively through them. Who knows? Whatever the deal is though, its expected to be something big.

Watch the video below. Do you think Lil Wayne has taken his talents to Roc Nation or is it something else?

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