Bow Wow aka “Shad Moss” and Erica Mena are ready to hit the alter and say their “I do’s” pretty soon. Just a few days ago, the curvy reality TV star posted a sexy flick on to her Instagram page and her fiancee wrote a comment on the photo basically saying that he “created” Mena. “All me! Top to bottom! Look at What I created,” Moss commented. A random IG user questioned Moss as to what exactly he meant by “creating” Mena. In a long-winded response, the rapper-turned-actor went in to explain how he is single-handedly responsible for creating and building the new and improved Erica Mena brand. Sounds a bit delusional to me but, eh… what do I know?

Check out the entire back and forth on IG in the gallery. Do you think Bow Wow can take responsibility for helping improve Mena’s image over the past year? Yeah…. about that.

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