One of the OG’s of #TeamPlastic Nya Lee recently made some comments about singer Ciara that her die-hard fans did NOT seem to appreciate. Nya said that she thinks CiCi has a “boy body” due to her lack of curves. Shortly after her comments surfaced, Ciara’s army flooded Nya’s Instagram photos with knife and corn emojis (get it, corn-Y) and things of that sort, implying that her body is all fake (which she has admitted numerous times and even went as far as releasing a video of her plastic surgery.)

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To address the hate from Ciara’s fans, the former Love & Hip-Hop: New York star went off on a rampage. She posted a collage of her plastic surgeon’s IG page along with a photo of her knifed up booty looking extra thick and juicy. Nya writes:

While yall stating yall opinions and aggravations for me stating my opinion and standing up for #teamplastic my doctors followers went up he started this am with 9200 @drsilhouette | ALSO WHERE WERE THESE FANS WHEN CIARA DROPPED HER ALBUM…. | #TheOneWithTheSiliconeAss | I won’t apologize for my opinion | you so called “natural body” bitches are the ones who are really insecure!! how does the personal choice of a woman to enhance something bother or affect your life!! yall “natural body” not proud of your “natural body” bitches been comin at #TeamPlastic and I stood the fuck up OH THEFUCK WELL | #LoveYourEnhancements #LoveYourNatural #Basically #LoveWhatYOUChoose #ByeFelicia

WELLLLPPPPP, looks like Ciara’s crazy gang of loyal fans is almost as bad as Beyonce’s BEYhive.

Check out all of the shade occurring on Nya’s page over in the gallery.