Alvin Gentry

I have to admit, this is definitely impressive and I would be amped to work with this guy as my coach. 60 year old Alvin Gentry, who is currently the assistant head coach for the Golden State Warriors, threw down a dunk at Warrior’s practice!

This is really impressive on Gentry’s part. It looks like practice may have been ending for the day in Golden State and the guys were playing around. Gentry threw the ball of the backboard and missed his initial attempt at slamming the ball but he tried again, and even though he used the wall to get up higher, his athleticism has to be the most impressive thing! He was coined “skywalker” by the team and for good reason!

The Dunk…

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Following this season, Gentry will head to New Orleans and begin coaching one of the NBA’s most promising players in Anthony Davis. Gentry already has a good coaching track record after having a successful stint with the Phoenix Suns and as the assistant head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. Gentry has been coaching since the 80s and it is obvious that his offense and defensive sets are being displayed in Golden State right now!

Anthony Davis has to be excited to work with Gentry after seeing this video! It will also be interesting to see how their relationship develops and what hurdles they can cross together as they both move forward in their careers.