Kourtney Kardashian Is Having A Baby Girl!

After popping out baby #3, Kourtney Kardashian still looks better than most females who haven’t had any children. However, there’s always a method behind the madness. Kourtney recently revealed that she lives by a work-out plan designed by trainer Don Brooks called the Don-A-Matrix method that clearly seems to be successful.

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Brooks sat down with E! to reveal what plan he has Kourtney on to help her loose all of that baby weight that is now gone. “The plank is a favorite, but we take it to another level opening and closing the legs like scissors while at the same time raising and dropping the hips,” he explained. “So not only are you strengthening the core but also timing the hips, thighs and waist. [We also do] the trunk twist along with a back row using the bands. The benefit of this exercise will give you flat abs and coke bottle obliques while removing those fat handles from the back and arms.”

After explaining that Kourt trains with him 5 times a week, he went on to give details how his training program is set up more like a sports game. “The Don-A-Matrix Method is set up to resemble a sports game format consisting of four quarters. Each quarter has 3 sets of two different exercises, combined with rest or relief periods after each quarter.”

WELP ladies, if you want to get rid of that baby fat, now you know how!

Source: E!