Last May, a man named Matthew Apperson was arrested for allegedly shooting at George Zimmerman. Even though his aim was completely off, it landed him in some deep hot water.
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Apperson was officially charged with attempted murder in the 2nd degree. The bullets did not reach Zimmerman, but he did check himself into a nearby hospital for allegedly being hit by debris and some glass. Authorities mentioned that Apperson had a “fixation” with Zimmerman and in an arrest report they even stated that he was once taken into a mental institution where he was confined.

Phil Archer from the State Attorney released this statement, “Our law enforcement community and the state attorney’s Office works vigorously to ensure people may travel our busy streets, going about their business, without fear. Every resident and visitor to Seminole County deserves this freedom.”

As you know, Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin some two years ago and was acquitted of murder.

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