The unibrow is definitely Anthony Davis’ trademark by now and as far as I know, he actually filed paperwork last year to try and trademark the phrase “unibrow”. Seeing him without it at this point probably would feel weird and his barber agrees.


This must be the week of the celebrity barber because earlier this week it was Lebron’s barber getting some attention after talking about Bron’s famous hairline (or lack thereof). Now we have the Brow’s barber shedding light on his infamous physical feature.

Calvin Doherty – or Fat Cal, as most know him – is the New Orleans Pelicans’ personal barber and he takes that responsibility seriously. Especially so when it comes to Davis, a budding superstar whose peculiar brand of facial hair is one of his (or any other NBA player’s) most recognizable features.

The unibrow from whence Davis draws his nickname has not only been a unique and surprisingly powerful branding tool for the 22-year-old, it’s also been a great source of strength, according to Fat Cal.

From an interview with Jonathan Harvey of The Bird Writes:

He says he feels no pressure when cutting Davis’ hair, and says it’s easy to cut, and he would never dare get rid of The Brow’s unibrow.

‘It just fits his face,’ Cal said. ‘If he cuts it off, he’ll get weak. That’s his signature. That’s his strength; his strength is in the brow. (The Brow) is his own patented thing.’

The Brow is here to stay!