Everyone has their own comments and opinions when it comes to the Charleston shooting. But when you are on social media maybe you should think twice, especially if you have something to loose. A UPS worker decided to post his feelings about African-Americans on Diddy’s Instagram in a very negative way only for it to backfire on him.

So P.Diddy or Diddy’s Instagram page was subjected to an act of racism today June 19th. A fan or just Instagram user commented on a post that Diddy made about about the Charleston shooting saying,

“Plus it was only a bunch of tar black niggers that died! No biggie! @iamdiddy hopefully they bring those dead boon body’s to pa and fill some of our pot holes! Maybe then they would be worth unemployment us hard working white folk pay for!!”

Disgusting at it’s best that another human would ever think of another human like this. But other Instagram users saw this and went to work! They found out from his Instagram page where he works and how to contact them. Fortunately, the boy works at UPS. So users went to UPS by tweeting to them on social media about their employee. It took a lot of users to get their attention but once they did. UPS made several statements regarding their racist employee. First UPS tweeted,

“Thank you for the details. We definitely don’t agree with this but it was said off work hours and it’s a public forum.”

Meaning the employee said this on social media so they can not do anything about this.

But then is looks like UPS re-thought about their post and the situation and then posted this,

“Last evening, an individual posted an inflammatory comment on Instagram about the recent shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. This person was once a temporary employee at UPS. The comment was deplorable . It in no way represents UPS and our view of this tragedy. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims, their families, and the affected community at large.”

There is no confirmation that UPS has fired the employee as of yet.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter