Officials are saying a water park in northern California is closed after dozens of people there became sick Thursday afternoon.

It’s reported that 40 people were treated for minor respiratory issues after being exposed to a chemical at Antioch’s Prewett Family Water Park Thursday afternoon. Seventeen people, mostly children, were transported to the hospital and released after they went to the Prewett Family Park in Antioch, California; another 23 were treated onsite, according to Randall Sawyer, Contra Costa Health Services’ chief environmental health and hazardous materials officer.


Hazmat officials say the kids were exposed to high levels of sodium hypochlorite, which is another form of chlorine. It’s more stable than regular chlorine, but the downside is that it is stronger and more toxic, especially if it is ingested and that is what set off the initial call.

Contra Costa Fire Inspector Lisa Martinez said, “a possible chlorine release or exposure into the actual water, we’re not sure at this time. County hazmat is here on the scene and they’re doing an investigation as to what was the actual exposure.”

The pool will remain closed until the investigation is complete.