Kings crown kings, right? Before his win against Paul Smith, Andre Ward was escorted to the ring by NBA MVP and finals champion, Stephen Curry! Was Steph Curry the good luck charm that Ward needed?

O.K maybe it is a bit of a reach, but it is still pretty cool that Curry was Ward’s ring escort before his dominating win against Paul Smith. Curry being fresh off of a championship, he is definitely the hometown hero in the Bay area and its only right that he pass the torch over to Oakland’s Andre Ward.

Curry was definitely at home in the Oracle Arena which hosted the fight between Smith and Ward and as expected, he was received warmly by the crowd there! Steph lead the pack to the ring as he was holding one of Ward’s championship belts; and what better way to be escorted to the ring than to have the recent NBA MVP and champion show you the way?

The Entrance…

Ward ended up dominating the entire fight and won each round against his opponent, Paul Smith. Although this catch-weight fight was not for a particular championship, I would think the Roc Nation fighter has plans to return to the ring and compete for one!