When V. Stiviano took a picture with Magic Johnson, it started a whirlwind of controversy.  Stiviano was the mistress assistant to the now former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling.  He was heard on tape telling Stiviano not to be seen with Magic or any black people at Clipper games amongst other things.  The racist tapes eventually led to Sterling’s ban from the NBA and the sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Now that some time has passed, how does Magic feel about Sterling?

He was the target of some of the former Clippers owner, most racist and disgusting comments, but Magic Johnson says he’s forgiven Donald Sterling, telling TMZ Sports, “I don’t keep grudges.”

Not only did Sterling single Johnson out in his racist rant to V. Stiviano and order her not to be seen with Magic or any black people at Clipper games, but he went on to say he’s a terrible role model because he has HIV.

Johnson handled the whole thing with crazy amounts of class at the time and now that a year has passed, we wanted to know how he feels about Sterling now .

Johnson said it hurt Sterling more than it hurt him.  Sterling might still be a billionaire but he lost a team that he loved and is banned from the sport that he loves.

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