Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings

The latest trade rumors from out in the Western Conference are coming from two Cali teams. The Kings are reportedly in talks with the Lakers to give up DeMarcus Cousins but what will they get in return?

For the Lakers, I like this move a lot! The Lakers could absolutely use another body on their team to vamp up their front line and add some depth to the equation as well. But how smart would it be for the Kings to give up their All-Star center?

It has also been reported that Dwade is very interested in an opportunity to in LA; so, this definitely sounds like a major come up for the Lakers franchise–if the deals were to be done. Although Wade is getting up there in age, him along side Kobe, Cousins, and Clarkson could perhaps put them back in the playoff mix.

However, the Kings GM, Vlade Divac, is saying that moving Cousins is just not going to happen. The Lakers have the number two pick in this year’s upcoming draft and could perhaps give that up for a chance to snag Cousins. This could be a win for the Kings as well, as Jahlil Okafor is projected to go either number one or two in the draft.

I usually don’t like the trade rumors around this time of year, but this is definitely an interesting one. I am curious to see what hand the Kings front office plays in the coming days.


Source: ESPN