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The rift between Sacramento Kings forward, Demarcus Cousins and head coach George Karl have been well known for some time now and took new heights after Cousins appeared to throw shade at Karl on twitter. Well now its being reported that if Cousins is traded, the Knicks are at the top of his list concerning the destinations on where he wants to go.


According to Kevin Berger of CBSSports:

Cousins’ agent, Dan Fegan, would like to steer his client to the Lakers, who can offer Julius Randle and this year’s No. 2 pick — though rival teams doubt the Kings would send Cousins to a division rival. The Knicks are another team on Cousins’ list, but all the Knicks have to offer is the fourth pick (which, bear in mind, can’t officially be dealt until the Knicks use it, since their 2016 first-rounder already has been traded).

Well now the question becomes what do the Knicks have to give up in order to get Sacramento to give up their all-star big man, other than the forth-overall pick. Also, how does Boogie fit along side Carmelo Anthony since both players like to control the ball on the block and both aren’t known as good defenders.

Given Cousins ability to shoot and pass out the post, he seems as a good fit in the triangle system Phil Jackson’s Knicks team plans to run, so its interesting to wonder how much Jackson would be willing to give up in exchange for Cousins.

Thursday’s draft needs to hurry up and get here, so some of these questions can be answered.