It seems that the Bobbi Kristina plot twist is thickening by the day. Her [sort-of] brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon is now being accused of both beating and stealing from Bobbi, who has been transported to Hospice Care and will be allegedly “let go” by her family, who have made the difficult decision to do so. According to a new lawsuit Nick has been hit with, it states that he was both physically abusive to Bobbi along with stealing money out of her bank account. Bobbi inherited a $40 million dollar estate from her late famous mother, Whitney Houston. Being that Gordon knew of the money, he was taking money out of her account behind her back on a regular basis.

However, Bobbi’s current unfortunately health state did not stop Gordon from stealing. While she’s been in a coma, he allegedly stole $11,000 more. SMH! Do you believe these allegations against Nick Gordon?

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Source: TheShadeRoom