NFL: Chicago Bears at New England Patriots

It’s no secret that Jay Cutler is not very popular in Chicago.  The Bears quarterback has struggled over the years and fans are ready to see him go.  Still Cutler has to keep up appearances and pretend he loves Chicago so when his wife slipped up in an interview, he had to go into damage control.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler recently clarified his wife’s comments that “Chicago’s just not home,” telling ESPN’s Michael Rothstein that the statement was taken out of context.

In an interview with Elle in June, Kristin Cavallari told the magazine: “Jay hates L.A. And Chicago’s just not home.” Cavallari grew up in Barrington.

Cutler defended her remarks and the couple’s devotion to the city.

“We have family in Chicago,” Cutler told ESPN during a quarterbacks camp at the University of Michigan on Saturday. “We have a house in Chicago. Our roots are in Chicago.

“We love being there.”

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Source: Chicago Tribune