China Lashes Out Against US For Racial Bias In Annual Report
On June 26, 2015, China accused the United States of America for the widespread existence of racial discrimination and the ubiquity of firearms throughout the country.

In a report intended as a counterpoint to U.S. criticisms of Beijing’s own human rights record, the State Council Information Office cited the killing of black teenager Michael Brown and other cases in which African-Americans were gunned down and killed by white police officers.In this annual report instituted by Chinese officials, they highlighted the United States “violated human rights in other countries in a more brazen manner, and was given more ‘red cards’ in the international human rights field.”


“Police killings of African-Americans during law enforcement have practically become ‘normal’ in the U.S.,” the report states. And interestingly, the report virtually used sources from official U.S. government figures, media reports and data from the United Nations. Also, it cited a USA Today report that said preliminary exit polls showed that voters of African origins accounted for 12 percent in the 2014 midterm election, down from 13 percent in the 2012 presidential election.

China Lashes Out Against US For Racial Bias In Annual Report

“In 2014, multiple cases of arbitrary police killing of African-Americans have sparked huge waves of protests, casting doubts on the racial ‘equality’ in the U.S. and giving rise to racial hatred factors,” the report said. In addition, the Chinese criticized the United States for conducting surveillance on world leaders and civilians and for allowing a few interest groups to influence the government’s decision-making. Plus, the Chinese made a serious reminder that members of racial and ethnic minorities continue to be disproportionately arrested, incarcerated and subjected to harsher sentences in the U.S.

Whether you like China or not, you must respect how they’ve redirected negative energy toward the U.S., which is constantly scrutinizing and criticize China’s human rights’ practices. The U.S. reports generally focus on China’s confinement of political participation, religious observations, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech.