Oh – No! Uh Oh ! Meek was caught lurking on Safaree Instagram! We all know about the continuous feud between the beyond gorgeous raptress Nicki Minaj and Safaree. It was like a Star Wars episode !

It appears that Meek Mill himself was found liking a picture on Safaree’s Instagram. The newly found apple of Oneeka’s eye, Meek Mill, is always seen slaying on Instagram with his trophy. I mean come on it’s Nicki Minaj! There has been so much incidents since Nicki minaj and her ex bae Safaree mad a split. This duo had been together for 12 years..12 years. That is such a long time, the whole hip hop community seen how dramatic this split was through interviews and social media.

Safaree even made a song about Nicki and started subliminal wars with her over social media. It may seem petty to the world, but looking from the outside, no one really knows whats going on. Meek Mill was probably just doing a little innocent snooping on Safaree page, I don’t think he liked the picture on purpose. As for Meek, he is living his dream bae by his side. Meek Mill even posted a visual on Instagram with him and Nicki wrapped around each other! Including that visual, Omeeka joined forces with Chris Brown to create a new love song ! Omeeka is seriously the newest it couple in Hip Hop! team Omeeka!

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