Chris Paul’s upcoming birthday party would have been the icing on the cake if they could have made it to the NBA Finals and actually won the Chip; but, we all know how that went down. Chris Paul will be celebrating his 30th birthday and he is going all out by having Lil Wayne perform at the party!

No matter what anyone says, the Clippers loss–after being up 3-1–to the Rockets is still fresh in all of their minds, especially Chris Paul. Well, at least until the start of next season. Chris Paul will have some time to get over the devastating loss and what better way to do it than turning up at his 30th birthday party?

Definitely a milestone birthday so I wouldn’t expect CP3 to stay humble at all! He is reportedly flying Lil Wayne into the party and he’s spending about $200,000! SHEESH. Money long, is definitely an understatement. Weezy just headlined a free show in Haiti and CP3 is covering expenses for him to fly from Port-Au-Prince to LA!

Ironically, CP3’s birthday was back in May but he did not want to be distracted during the playoffs; so, he held the party until summer! I’ve heard of week long birthday celebrations and maybe even month long celebrations; but several months worth? I’m not even mad at CP3 because I’m sure the money he is spending will definitely be worth it!


Source: BSO