A Bunch of hardcore Hip Hop Heads Some Hip Hop Legends and DJ Premier himself examine Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal”. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!!

In this 18 minute video, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Big Shug and more speak on Gang Starr as a group and a legacy. DJ Premier also spoke out on the late Guru and how their separate backgrounds helped them put together a distinctive sound that would later on be the quintessential “New York Sound” in Hip Hop.

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DJ Premier broke down exactly how Guru handled the problems that fame and fortune brought them to. While Gang Starr released critically acclaimed music, they never went to sell Millions of records such as their peers at the time. Run DMC, LL Cool J and Jay Z to name a few that got a little more recognition the Gang Starr group.

Even though Gang Starr wasn’t the most commercially successful hip hop act of their time, the group definitely held it down by sticking to their roots and helping define what decades later is called the Golden Era of this culture we call Hip Hop.

Check out the full 18 minute video below! #IFWT!