Kidd Kidd x 50 Cent

Last night, XXL held their 2015 Freshman Class concert in New York City, set to feature all 10 artists from this year’s cover. Unfortunately, as previously reported, Kidd Kidd never made it inside.

50 announced he’s going to bail out Kidd Kidd, he’ll do better than Sha Money XL, who if says left Bobby Shmurda and GS9 in jail;

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In his absence, his G-Unit crew held him down on stage, and 50 Cent took the time to shout out Bobby Shmurda (as it related to Kidd Kidd) – and diss Sha Money XL in the process.

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For those unfamiliar, Sha Money XL is the Epic Records A&R who signed Bobby to his record deal, and he used to work with G-Unit way back when. They either parted on bad terms or Fif is just really riding for Bobby, because on stage, he said the following:

“I ain’t like Sha Money. Bobby Shmurda’s still in the joint. They left n*ggas in the jail house – the whole GS9! How he did that sh*t, man? How you gon’ have ‘Money’ in your name, and not have money to get a n*gga out?”

Check out the video below. We’ll keep you updated on Kidd Kidd‘s status!

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