As many of you who surf the internet daily or should i say those of you who are always on YouTube, should be familiar with the hit YouTube series “Money And Violence” and how popular it has become. It’s in high demand for a season two but making a hit YouTube series on your own isn’t quite easy.


Money and violence gives the audience this authentic insight of how it is to survive in the slums of an urban neighborhood. It gives those who question how or why certain things happen in these urban neighborhoods an answer. Although the series has anywhere from half a million to a million views, to keep creating something as raw as this will cost a big chunk of change, and you guys are wondering well i’m sure someone would have wanted to take this amazing series and invest in it, well you’re right but however the creator, writer and director Moise Verneau (Who also plays Rafe in the series) has said he wants to keep the authenticity of the show, which is completely understandable considering how great the show has done independently, but in order to keep things real and authentic the show has to remain independent. So to make season two happen there has been a campaign to raise money for the new season so that things such as equipment, cast & crew permits etc can all be payed for so that the series can continue. I myself was born and raised in the inner city, so watching something of this magnitude become so great with time only deserves to keep going. So for those who would like to help raise money so that the show can go on click here and depending on how much you decide to donate you could receive some pretty cool gifts.